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Experienced Matrimonial and Family Lawyer

A Creative Approach To Resolving Family Law Disputes

Karen L. Cahn has been an attorney for more than 35 years, with more than two decades in the family law and matrimonial field.  Karen has handled numerous actions for divorce involving equitable distribution, custody, parental access, child support, and spousal support.

Having litigated matrimonial and family law cases for many years, Karen firmly believes that engaging couples in alternative dispute resolution is preferable to litigating in court.  Karen is devoted to helping people negotiate their divorce and separation as amicably and expeditiously as possible while safeguarding their legal, financial and emotional well-being.  Toward that end, Karen offers mediation and arbitration services to help parties settle the financial and custodial aspects of their divorce or separation.  Successful mediation/arbitration not only results in a personalized and detailed separation agreement, but the process itself furnishes the parties with a blueprint for co-parenting by teaching problem solving skills to address issues that may arise in the future.

Karen also serves as a parenting coordinator for couples who need guidance co-parenting either during and/or after their divorce or separation.  Co-parenting can be difficult.  Rather than involving opposing lawyers and resorting to litigation, parenting coordination provides parents with a forum within which they can air their differences and learn the skills for resolving their disagreements.

In addition to mediation/arbitration and parenting coordination, Karen serves as a divorce coach, working with clients to help them define their goals and how best to achieve them.  As a coach, Karen helps her clients decide on a course of action when they are initiating a divorce or are served with papers.  Karen is there throughout the process to answer questions, give second opinions, and to help her clients make decisions that will impact their lives post-separation.

  • Strong client reviews — “An honest, intelligent, and knowledgeable attorney who truly cares about her clients and their children. She knows how to listen and engages her clients in a creative approach to problem solving. Her ability to explain the law and settlement options empowers her clients and enables them to become a true participant in their divorce or other family law matter.”  Another client stated, “Karen listened, clearly outlined steps required, and worked through the complexities that I did not know how to address with my separation situation.  She was consistently and readily available when I needed her.  Karen was impressive when questioning the petitioner and effective in presenting my case in court.  I am grateful to Karen and thankful to my friend who referred Karen to me.”
  • Individualized attention and detailed advice – Focused on the unique needs of those who come to her, Karen listens to the concerns of each of her clients and addresses these concerns within the context of detailed parenting and settlement agreements.
  • Divorce mediation/arbitration — Karen offers family law Alternative Dispute Resolution known as arbitration in combination with  arbitration.
  • Divorce coaching — Karen’s divorce coaching practice advises clients how to approach their divorce, what steps to first take, and helps them throughout the process.  Even when represented by a lawyer, many clients have unanswered questions about their cases.  Divorce coaching can also help clients with non-legal decisions that need to be made within the context of their lives after divorce or separation.
  • Parenting coordination — It is important for separating couples to learn how to co-parent going forward.  Parenting coordination helps couples work through issues they may have regarding their children and helps them define their new relationship as parents post divorce or separation.  Parenting coordination provides a venue within which couples are able to voice their differences and their concerns regarding child rearing and learn how to make joint decisions in the best interests of their children.
  • Prenuptial agreements — Prenuptial agreements are prepared for clients desiring to address the division of assets should there be a divorce, or how property and beneficiary rights are handled after one’s death.
  • Separation Agreements –Separation agreements are prepared after successful mediation/arbitration sessions, carefully addressing in detail all the financial and custodial aspects of the divorce or separation.
  • Unbundled legal services — For clients who want to keep their legal fees down, hiring  a lawyer to perform a discrete service is now an option. Unbundled legal services allows a client to retain a lawyer to provide only the legal services specifically required.  Clients who may otherwise be unable to afford an attorney are able to receive advice and/or have specific legal work performed by an experienced family lawyer.

Karen L. Cahn, Esq.  – A family lawyer whose primary concern is looking after your best interests.  Free initial 30 minute consultation.   By appointment only.

Karen L. Cahn represents spouses and couples who seek to minimize the time and expense associated with a confrontational divorce, custody, child support and/or other family law matter.  Convenient midtown office located near Grand Central Terminal. Please call 646-790-5556 or contact Karen online .


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